Our Story

We've been bound by the chains of friendship since K's mother agreed to babysit a foreign child, Y.  From what we were told, we communicated via Rugrats' language.  That's probably why nobody ever gets what were talking about now.  From then on we decided to be each other's best friends forever.  This contract has been met til this day.

Since we we're young, we aspired to share our interests with everyone we knew.  Thus, in 2004 at the precocious ages of 11 and 12, we broke out on our entrepreneurial endeavor of What's New Newzine, a successful print magazine covering breaking news.  The Newzine covered everything from environmental issues dealing with the invasive species of Frankenfish to reviews of prestigious literary works, like Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Every weekend, hot off the printer, we would distribute copies to our largest fan base which consisted of our parents.  And then, take them back...

Now, what you read here is yours to keep!  We found our niche in fashion blogging, and we're excited to discover what's hot and what's new in the world of style to share with you guys!

xx ~~
Kimberly & Yvonne