DIY: Necklaces to Earrings

Hey Babes,

Have broken necklaces lying around?  Don't chuck 'em just yet!  You can totally turn old necklaces into a statement earrings.  It's really easy!

1)  All you need is an old necklace (the chain and pendant), a hook/ear-wire (which I got at Michael's) and a pair of scissors.
2)  Since my necklace was cheap, I was able to rip the chain apart to create the desired length for my earring.
3)  After that, pry open a link on one end of the chain with your scissors.
4)  Slip the hook/ear-wire into the link and close it with your scissors.
5)  Yay!  We're half way done, hehe.
6)  Now, open up the link on the other end like in Step 3.
7)  Slip on the pendant from your necklace, and close the link.

And there you have it-- a really awesome earring!  You can switch out the pendant for anything you want.  Just make sure you can attach a loop to the item so it can connect to a chain or an ear-wire.

Have fun!



  1. This is a fun DIY! especially like the horn-like pendant you chose to use. Yay, for reusing/recycling accessories!


  2. This is so clever. I usually wear one stud and one dangly earring, so this would be really ideal!