Crypts and Cupcakes

A rad cat in his rad cap.

Harrison, the funkiest DJ in MD

The line to see Johnny was kind of ridiculous, and Kim was ready to kill for a cupcake (boy, were those things worth the wait!)  But Harrison, or DJ Bigmouth, spun awesome jams that had us dancing during the wait.  Love his funky beats!  And it was cool chatting with Derek about his own brand, Rebel Sensation.  I can't wait to see his tie designs.  

I ended up ordering the glow in the dark tote bag, and Kim got some badass pins.  I love how JC makes unique pieces.  He makes his customers and fans feel truly special.  This is something I rarely see in the clothing world.  And on top of that, he takes the time to talk to each and every single person in line!  Johnny is the sweetest cupcake you could ever meet.



  1. Totally off topic, but I like the new blog look!

    1. haha thanks! we're rebranding lolz...collab some time ;P