Weekly Roundup | Paris of the East

{modest beginnings of a dumpling shop}{snake face pencil sharpener for Y}{Yuyuan Gardens during the Lantern Festival}{appetizer at Sir Elly's The Peninsula}{street art at M50}{sitting in class at the clock tower}{The Bund on a smogless night}{owning at calligraphy}{art of Waitan}
Hey kiddies, I've been m.i.a. for a bit with getting settled in Shanghai and all. But by now, I guess I can say I'm practically a native (or at least I can try to blend in with the locals). The internet really is a wonderful thing, because I can't say I've felt very homesick yet, because home has never really felt too far away. Not much going on except for school, making Chinese friends, and fobby clothes shopping, but Shanghai Fashion Week is coming up. That means I have to devise the perfect outfit that will get me street snapped...


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  1. Isn't the internet amazing? :-) the Art on the lower left hand corner is just stunning, i love how the red pops!