DIY || Western Aztec Ankle Boots

Every time I attempt a DIY project, I end up ruining it in some crazy way or another.  Maybe the things I choose to make are too ambitious, but if other people can do flawlessly, I have a chance don't I?!  Well, after many months of epic failures, I've decided to take on repurposing my cowboy boots.  I've always been peeved by how unnecessarily tall it comes up on my leg; it awkwardly covers a third of my shin.  But because these boots are so comfy, I didn't want to get rid of 'em just yet.  So, I've decided to turn them into an aztec ankle boots. I drew inspiration from these:
Report booties
Aztec fabric I got on eBay 

Michael's or any craft store

First, I rolled down my boots. Next...
  1. I cut off the sown-in handle detail
  2. Use a seam ripper or scissors
  3. Then cut a big square or circle of fabric, and push the center of the fabric into the shoe
  4. This way you remember to cover the inside before you start
  5. Make sure you have enough fabric on the edges to cover the boot
  6. Definitely play around with how you will position and tuck in your fabric BEFORE you start glueing.  I spend a good 20 minutes messing with it first.  This is important because the overlap of fabric can bunch up and make on side really thick.  Take this time to cut of excess.  Also, I found that starting from the back or front would make the sides look better because you are able to tuck excess fabric underneath the longer flap (notice in #2 side flap is longer than the back/front flap)
  7. Apply the tacky glue and use a brush to spread it around.  This makes for even coverage.  Glue the top first.  Let the top dry first, then move onto tucking and gluing.
  8. Instead of gluing on the fabric flat, I decided to create folds.  I think it looks cool, and you wouldn't have to worry about messing up.  
  9. Let everything on the outside dry.  Then gently take the fabric on the inside out (it'll look like a tent).  Cut a hole at the peak.  Then cut slits in all directions, big enough so it lies against the inside.  Apply tacky glue on the fabric, and press firmly against shoe.

AND Voilà! I can't believe it turned out as well as I imagined it, haha!


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