OOTD || Dark bloom

Spring has officially sprung, but it doesn't mean I'm ready for full on crop-top-and-high-waisted-shorts mode. Not because I don't want to but a) I need to dive into a giant vat of exfoliating scrub, and 2) there's always the possibility of an impending winter-weather advisory. Blame it on the East Coast or global warming, but we've finally gotten a taste of Spring, so no take-backs.

I'm trying out the #RBF. Thoughts?

I've been loving midi-skirts as transitional pieces. They let my legs get a little sun, but are completely non-threatening...as in, I am doing you a big favor by not revealing too much ghostly pale skin all at once.

Midi skirts have definitely become a thing in my closet over the past couple of months. They make me feel instantly better. They can make you look elegant and look like you are from Mad Men, according to Yvonne, though everything mid-length falls into that category with her. So essentially, they make you look pulled together, but they are very low maintenance compared to their mini-skirt brethren.

bag- vintage (but available here!)

skirt- thrifted (available here)

Oh, and did I mention this is only, like, the easiest Easter outfit ever?


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