DIY: Flossed-out Headphones

Hi friends!

I have another really simple tutorial that literally anyone can do (I would know, because I'm not really the most craftily-inclined, to be honest). The level of difficulty for this DIY is not any higher than my last one, but it can be somewhat tedious...but tedious in a fun way!

I bet almost all of you have probably seen this tut on Refinery29, but I'd decided to try it out because 1) my headphones get really tangly when I throw them in my backpack or gym bag 2) this reminds me of those hair lanyard clips, or whatever you call them, that were all the rage when I was in 4th grade.

What you need:
Embroidery Floss/ Thread

my busted up headphones D:

1) Gather materials (I write this out of habit for the scientific method, but it's true if you want to get anywhere beyond this point).

2) Take some string of any length (longer = more tedious) and begin at the end of the headphone. I started at the headphone jack end; this is because I chose not to wrap the actual earbuds part since I wanted to still be able to adjust them to my liking. Tie a simple knot.

3) Then start wrapping the cord with the thread. Trim the excess thread from the knot, and wrap it up too.

4) Tie a knot when you are nearing the end of the piece of string. I find this makes it more secure, and you can finally put the headphones down and rest your hands.

5) Then take another piece of thread (don't worry about the length unless you really want it to be perfect), and tie a knot. Repeat steps 3-4.

6) Continue this with as many colors until you finish wrapping the entire length of the cord. Since I didn't wrap the end by the earbuds, I just stopped at the little Y-splitter part. You never know if you might want to adjust your earbuds to share :) .

Enjoy tangle-free flossed-out headphones!

All the girls at camp will probably be dying to know how you did it.



  1. What a great and fun DIY! Will definitely have to try this one out!

  2. great DIY, thanks for sharing


  3. great DIY, thanks for the fab idea


  4. Super post! J'aime beaucoup!

    Angela Donava

  5. what a great idea! might try this! xx

  6. lol thats a really cool idea! I'm going to try this later, it looks really pretty.


  7. Love this! Such a great idea :)


  8. This is the coolest thing ever! ^____^ no need for me to buy new headphones now.

  9. Such a good idea!!!! I constantly get my headphones tangled up - thank you so much :)