Tried & True: Poshmark

In case you haven't heard of Poshmark already, it is a free iPhone app (sorry Droid users--they're working on it) in the States that allows you to buy and sell clothes and accessories. It's a bit like ebay with all the listings but has more of a heavy social media aspect to it. Here is some supplementary reading (YAY!) that would be good to know aside from the site's FAQ.

So you want to be a contender...
Do you have what it takes to be a seller? Probably. It doesn't take much really. There is little risk* involved and support is helpful (though a bit slow via email). But good sellers have to do a little work by interacting with other "Poshers" and listing good condition items.

How do I make a good listing?
After making a profile, yadda yadda, take a picture of your item. The interface is very much like Instagram in this way, where there are filters for your pictures. Therefore, Instagram rules of aesthetics do apply, if you want a hot listing that is. Make sure your lighting is good to really highlight the beauty of the garment or whatever you are selling. Style it on yourself or not, but if you wear it yourself, don't just make it a regular old selfie with a gratuitous shot of you *ahem* assets.

What can I sell?
You can sell whatever you want, though technically the app is for selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is also important to know that Poshmark only covers shipping for up to two pounds, and items like perfume have to be sent by USPS ground at your own expense (which I learned the hard way *tears*). That being said, people will still try to sell other items like half bottles of lube (which sold?!) and gift bags/ tissue paper from Coach for $8. This is strictly my opinion, but please refrain. There are far and few people that will actually purchase these items. There are just some items not meant to be resold. This also goes for your Bobby Jack beloved hoodie you rocked everyday in middle school.

Sharing is caring
...or at least that is how Poshmark works. Consider passing along items as good karma for hopefully more sales. You want people to share items from your closet even if they are not interested in buying the item from you. They can reach another audience apart from your followers, and then word can spread about this awesome thing you are selling.

What are parties?
No idea, but just say "Yes" to all of them. People share their closet items that follow the theme-- sometimes in the loosest sense.

Okay maybe this is a no-brainer for all you millenials out there, but I didn't know what was going on at first.
NWT= new with tags
NWOT= new without tags
LMK= usuallly "lmk if you're interested"...let me know...
Bundle= a seller sells a few items from her closet to you through one transaction, which often means a discount
Low-ballers= okay so this isn't actually used, but these are the people that will try to pay $5 for your authentic Louboutins


  • Addiction-- justified though because you need to be totally responsive about your sales and you always have the duty of sharing...
  • Scams-- through trading or even buying. Sometimes an item just doesn't seem to be the same item you saw online.
  • Trades-- you will be tempted, but remember you want to have more money and less junk.
  • Foul-mood Poshers-- This is the internet. These are girls. This is a shopping phone app. 
  • Bargaining tactics-- Don't go for a price you don't think is reasonable. Repeat this to yourself: "I'm poor"...but using an iPhone.
  • Off Poshmark transactions with PayPal-- This is not supported by Poshmark, so whatever can go wrong will. go. wrong.

Overall thoughts
I am by no means a hustler at all, so selling things makes me nervous. But the experience has been good so far, and transactions have been smooth and safe. This app is very easy to use. On the seller's end, shipping costs nothing, but for the buyer, it is $4.99 for orders over $25 and $6.99 on all other orders, which is steep for purchasing that $5 top. However, it is a good place to get some deals on name brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, etc.

App code for starting off with $5 credit: HFADV


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