Yummy Parfait Recipe

Hey there,
It's funny that I'm here to share with y'all a recipe because I DO NOT cook or bake-- that is a skill I have yet to master.  But, I'm really excited to show you guys what I've come up with!  It's a strawberry-banana and peach parfait.  And for all those who are a bit like me when it comes to the kitchen, don't worry.  It's flippin' easy!  Now that I think of it, you wouldn't consider this "cooking."

  1. Strawberry and banana yogurt
  2. A fresh peach
  3. Apple cinnamon granola
  4. Buncha Crunch


1)  I like to give my granola a couple pulses in the blender for smaller bites.  Here I'm using apple cinnamon granola, but you can choose which ever flavor you like.

2)  Scoop several spoonfuls of strawberry banana yogurt into the bowl.  Then stir.  Again, you can choose the yogurt flavor of your desire.

3)  Sprinkle in the Buncha Crunch!  This makes a difference, trust me!

4)  Cut up a fresh peach, and add a few slices to the bowl.  Feel free to add other fruits.  The more the merrier!

And that's it!  I say that's a healthy snack done right.  Hope you enjoy :)

-->> Yvonne <<--

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