DIY Grad Present: The Succulent

I'm lucky to have some awesome childhood friends graduating soon (hint: one is the other half of TCE). I wanted to gift something that represented growth but was something a bit more original than All the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. A graduation standby, but let's take a journey off the beaten path. With that, I give you the great desert plant, the succulent. The succulent, just like your soon-to-be-grad, is a tough little thing. Resilient to harsh weather conditions in order to survive daytime and nighttime conditions in the desert, this plant is the perfect metaphor for life after college. Also, this plant is very low maintenance (you barely have to water it), good for all those who are neglectful plant owners.

The finished product!

the materials
- Succulent plant 
- Ivy bowl or some other pretty pot
- rocks of different sizes (optional if you there is a drainage hole in the pot)
- loose potting soil
- trash bag or some other covered surface to work on-- it can get messy!

Gather all your materials. These were rather inexpensive and can be purchased from your local craft store and Home Depot.

I secretly took these from my mom's collection of foot-shaped pebbles. She won't miss them.

Place larger rocks in the bottom of the bowl. These are to help the roots from rotting in a bowl that has no drainage hole for water. 

Then put in your smaller pebbles, or I used crushed shells instead. This makes a pretty layering effect and also helps with draining.

De-pot the plant from its original container, and loosen the dirt from the roots. Be careful not rip the roots of the plants, but the more you break up the big clumps, the easier it is to stably pot the plant in the new pot.

Gently pour soil into the pot around the plant. It is helpful to use a small cup to pour the soil in. Pack the soil enough to keep the plant from moving around in the pot but not too tightly that the water will not reach the roots. Then you can put the small pebbles on top for a decorative finish.

That's pretty much it to this DIY. It makes a really easy and unique gift for anyone really-- a host, your boss, or your mom. To make it extra special, you can also write care instructions on a card and place it with the plant. 



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