On the First Day of Blogmas...

Kimberly and I have officially decided to do blogmas this year!  Hip, hip, hooray!  Yes, we are 3 days late but what the hell.  We're going to take turns posting on TCE for the rest of December, but we'll probably end up tag teaming because of finals week (curses).  ENJOY!
Our beautiful mall...haha maybe not so much today.
Lunch on the portico of McKeldin Library.
My sister saw me before I left the house today and called the cardigan "Geriatric Couture," but I wouldn't mind living in my dad's old mohair and wool cardigan. When I returned home and saw my parents, my mom argued with my dad over the fact that he wore this as part of his first-date outfit. Kinda weird, from my mom's description, that I seem to have styled it very much like the way my dad did 26 years ago, but minus the suspenders of course. I can't believe how svelte my dad used to be in his wannabe-Beatles days, because this cardigan is relatively small to be a men's one...the take-home point here? Definitely shop your dad's closet.

These bad boys have taken a beating, because I've been wearing them every day since I got them at Target. I'm a Chukka boot convert.
Catching up on Instagram (not in class! ;P) follow us @coattaileffect
Wednesdays are our BFF lunch times where we brown bag it and mainly just gossip.
Terp swag we had to literally hustle for...okay, not literally.

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  1. loving the fur cardigan so muuuuch! i wish i could steal it from you lol. anyway such a cozy hangout place!