Blogmas: The Tree Is Back Up and Running

It's been 4 years since a Christmas tree stood in my house, and I say, "Enough!"  Enough of the drear and drab that used to encompass the month of December.  This year, I'm making an effort to get in the spirit, even if it takes lugging our tree out from deep within our storage closet then going to Rite Aid after realizing my mother threw out all the ornaments, tinsel and lights.

Someone will buy you soon... promise!
I don't know why these ornaments didn't come with strings attached? A tedious job made less tedious w/ Xmas music!

I can't lie, my tree still looks a bit sad with the lights on, so I'm going to spruce it up some more (pun intended).

{{ Yvonne }}

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  1. I just put my tree too!, lovely post :)