Blogmas: What is art?

Sometimes I feel like I don't understand art. When I went to an art gallery exhibition a couple of weeks ago, I saw a good size rock suspended in the air on a chain near some well-placed draped bed sheets. It was cool in some aesthetic sense, but what was it trying to say? But then I realized while making a collage for my 2-D Design class that I was driven by a whim that was a vague tangent of the true meaning I wanted to convey and just ran with it. However, many people took away from my piece that I had identity issues...when what I meant was to explain what home felt like to me. Not what I had expected, but I appreciated the diagnosis though.

Our school hosted a reception for Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian's works in both painting and film.
He's a Chinese Frenchman!
His painting style is heavily influenced by traditional Chinese ink paintings, but his subject matter is completely different.
My favorite of his paintings called "La Mort."
Another awesome piece called "Danse."
This is a piece by some other artist, who was also on display in another part of the gallery.

Some design books that would look great on my coffee table...if I had one.

This is self-explanatory.


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