DIY || Shake your pom-poms

Tavi, is that you?
I've always had a secret affinity for pom-poms. They are plushy and soft, and look so cute with a pair of googly eyes glued to them. But I have somehow forgotten about them, until I found them in my old craft kaboodle. There was a whole bag of happy little pom-poms that I had always thought were too precious to use (as a child, I placed too much value on inanimate objects). Now, I can't see myself passing down pom-poms to my child anytime soon, so I decided to put them to use. This super easy tutorial takes no time or really skills for that matter and is pretty much self-explanatory, which explains the lack of photos.

Have your pom-poms at the ready.
Basically, all you need is a shirt or sweater you want to liven up. I got a short-sleeved navy sweater from the thrift store, but any ol' thing will do. Then you need fabric glue (I used "Liquid Stitch") or a needle and thread. At first, I used glue, but I honestly don't trust that the pom-poms will stay on for long, especially if they go through the wash. So I decided to reinforced them at the base with black thread. Just make knots at the the base of the pom-poms, and you don't have to be good at this. Just make sure they are secure.

I arranged them in a random design-- in other tutorials, some people place them all over, but I really wanted an abstract conglomeration of texture right smack dab in the middle of my chest.

Excuse the mess :)
Happy Monday!

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