Obsession || Graphic Pullover Sweaters

This winter has been a cold one.  If it's not a cozy knit sweater kind of day, I'll grab one of my many graphic pullovers.  I'm starting to ditch the hoodie look after college (although still a great piece of lazy-wear).  Unlike hoodies, these graphic pullover sweaters can be styled with a great pair of printed pants or jeans, and won't look frumpy.  It gives you that hoodie feeling without that hobo feeling.

Here's my collection from top to bottom
  1. Young and Reckless (men's)
  2. Young and Reckless (men's)
  3. "Spaced Out" (Forever21)
  4. "BOY" (Gift from Kim! She knows me well dun she?)
  5. "Graded SF CA" (H&M boys)

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  1. I love these! <3 Especially the 2nd one :)
    And I love how you just buy clothes from the men's department if you see something you like! I do the same thing! ^^

  2. Love you sweatres, very trendy!!!
    Great post, dear:)
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  3. cute!! need to get more graphics!