OOTD || Birken-Style

I feel like Birkenstocks had a bad rap for while because of its unappealing rugged exterior.  But now they are everywhere!  It's nuts.  I guess things can really take a 360 in the fashion world.  Well, I've always been a huge fan of its manly demeanor.  The most popular seems to be the double strap sandal, which I own but mine has an additional sling in the back.

Being pretty tomboy-ish, Birk sandals are a great way to tone down a really girly outfit.  I think the key to pulling off Birks without looking like a hippie is to balance its masculine look with feminine outfits.  This is how I wear my Birks:

Forever 21 top / Pants were purchased at a Korean festival years ago (no brand)
These are an older version of these
Handmade gold chain necklace by Kimberly herself!

Let me know how you would style your Birkenstock sandals!

- Yvonne -

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