DIY || Festival Pom Pom Shorts

In case you haven't already noticed, I've been nurturing this growing obsession with pom poms. I recently DIYed a pom pom shirt for the cooler months, but now it's time to break out the summer pom pom shorts! I've been seeing them on all the cool girls on tumblr, and they're sold in mall shops like F21. If you're on a budget, pick up some pom pom trim from eBay or Etsy and add them to the hem of some well-loved shorts.

Here's the finished product! Turned out pretty nice, eh?
Here's what you're going to need:
-shorts (light-weight materials look best with the pom poms to achieve that breezy Coachella look)
-pom pom trim (I measured the leg holes of my shorts and figured I would need about 2 yards)
-matching thread
-OR fabric glue (if you are a sewing-challenged person)

before the transformation---disclaimer: I didn't make these shorts/ I got them from h&m two summers ago
Fetch your materials
Up close view of the pom pom trim...mine has 1/2 inch poms and is black to match my shorts :)


1) Start sewing the trim on the wrong side of the hem of the shorts. You want to make sure that you sew it securely right at the bottom of the hem, so that the the poms are fully visible when you flip the shorts right side out.

wrong side of the hem of the shorts
you want to sew it close enough to the hem that the poms can "dangle" off the edge
2) Sew the trim all around the hem of the shorts. I chose not to measure out the exact amount of trim I would need for each hem, so I didn't cut the trim until I finished one entire leg hole of the shorts. Also, make sure not to tug the thread too hard-- it will make a puckering effect at the hem, when it should lay completely flat.

3) When you finish with one hem, secure the trim with a knot. Cut the trim, if you hadn't cut it before you started sewing.

4) Repeat steps 1-3. You may find it easier to lay the shorts and trim on a flat surface as you sew for some stability, or you can use pins to make sure the trim doesn't move as you sew.

5) Aaaand you're done! Cute and you didn't even break a sweat ;)

my masterpiece!

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  1. So cute! Great DIY, the shorts look so unique with the pom pom!!